Thursday, 7 November 2013


The Vidyalaya was established in the year 1992, for the under public sector schools with a view to provide quality education to the wards of central Govt. employees and other categories in order. School is located in an expansion of 18 acre of land at Kandheri, 8 kms away from Mau City. The colossal building is surrounded by Green Pastures and Serenity everywhere. For the past 22 years the Vidyalaya is among a Galaxy of learned teachers and parents aiming at “PERFECTION


Kendriya Vidyalaya. Mau Library is one of the automated Library among Varanasi region’s automated library. Library is powered by e – Granthalaya Library Automation Software. Library is technically classified with Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme, and Books are cataloged according to A A C R II format. Library : “Books are more valuable than Jewels. Jewels glitter externally but books enlighten internally.”-By Mahatma Gandhi. Library is the heart of Education systems and revive it’s Sub-systems of parent’s body through endless circulation of information sources and materials irrespective of their geographical locations and forms with the help of latest information and communication Technologies. Our motto are the guiding laws formulated by the father of library & information science Dr.S.R. Ranganathan as stated. 1- Information are for global development. 2- Every recipient for tailored and befitted information. 3- Every bit of tasted information for potential seeker. 4- Assurance of safety and security of invaluable time of users by provision of prompt and pin-pointed information services. 5- Library is a growing organism in respect of users and sources of information. We are developing information sources and materials keeping all the informative requirements of end- users in mind .Since inception, we are providing educational, Inspirational, Moral, Interactive and entertaining reading materials to inculcate the reading habits of the users. Formal Book Review Techniques are importing to the students. Books are being reviewed and checked. Aport from these, story reading, telling, writing, Quiz, Riddles, Antakshari and career talks are organized. We have also entered in the era of virtual Library through optimum retrieval of information from Internet .In this process various Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Websites are navigating and retrieving for global development. Last but not least we are constantly trying to our best to make this library as a complete Library.

                                                    Dr. Shiyali Ramamritaya Rangnathan