Library Rules

 Ø Bags/ hand bags/ personal books/ magazine and like documents are not allowed in the library (Strictly Prohibited). If unavoidable, the above can be kept at the entrance of the Library.
 Ø Students will enter the Library in Q along with a pen and a diary.
 Ø Help in maintaining pin drop silence & discipline.
Ø Go through the Guide Chart and be familiar with the document’s arrangement.
 Ø Handle the documents and bookcase with care.
 Ø Not more than two books will be issued at a time.
Ø Return the issued documents within due date, failing which fine will be charged.
 Ø Reference books/ Reserve books will not be issued, can be consulted only in the Library.
Ø Magazines / Newspapers will not be issued.
Ø For Teacher, magazines will be issued only for overnight.
 Ø Don’t shelve the books, if its location is not confirmed.
Ø Read the newspaper at the assigned place only.
 Ø After reading, keep the magazines at the assigned place.
 Ø During exit time show the issued books/ documents to the librarian.
Ø Not a single item is allowed to take out of the library without issuing.
 Ø Please don’t waste time in gossips in the Library. -

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